Worcestershire Sauce 250ml


With our  spray free plums that came from my beautiful friends garden we started with an old recipe and played until we came to this finished product. We hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Serving Suggestions

  • Great on steak
  • Add to casseroles and stews
  • Even but in your burger or meatloaf mix.
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Our Worcestershire sauce story.

Worcestershire Sauce Originated in, you guessed it Worcestershire England . I’m amazed that it came about by  pure luck really as they made a barrel that was considered inedible.  The sauce was put in storage and 18 months later  when they needed to make some more room it was rediscovered.  Finding the  fermentation process had done the trick,  that is how Worcestershire Sauce came to be. So in 1838 it was first  bottled for sale.

Over the generations the home cook, chefs and the odd scientist have all had a play with it.  That also includes me.  I took a little bit of convincing about going down this path but a  friend  had plums and an old recipe so in the kitchen I went. As with my products I have to put my own take on it, so after experimenting I came up with my take on the traditional Worcestershire Sauce.

We definitely got something right because in 2023 Taste of TamO’Shanter received a Gold medal at the Australian food Awards for Worcestershire Sauce.  A small celebration was enjoyed.  Taste of TamO’Shanter has at least 3 customers that have told me they could just drink it out of the bottle.  So know I have planted plum trees. (they are a few years away from being productive)  So hopefully my dear friend can keep me in stock until then.

We always have a bottle of Worcestershire Sauce in the fridge. You can use it on steak, add it to gravy adds great flavour to casseroles and stews and even goes great with scallops.  We will add a great scallop recipe to our website soon.



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