Tomato Chutney


Grown from heirloom seeds the tomatoes in this chutney are grown outside in the elements and sun ripened to give them their unique flavour.  This chutney is a great all rounder, breakfast, lunch or tea.

Serving Suggestions

  • A delicious addition to any cheeseboard
  • Spread on crackers and sliced cucumber
  • Add to steamed or grilled white fish with a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh parsley
  • Serve on top of homemade beef patties or grilled Haloumi
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The Tomato Chutney Story

Our Tomato Chutney is one of the first products put into recipe production.  The first job was selecting the range of heirloom  tomatoes that would be used. This took a couple of years to get the variety right. When that was sorted it was time to move onto the recipe.  Starting with an old family recipe and then the fun began.  I have to thank my lovely friend Rosemary (who is no longer with us) for the hours of food and flavour conversations we had. Rosemary was the chief taste tester for our Tomato Chutney, living a couple of doors along she was always keen to taste the progress and critique the end product.  The outcome was great flavour with as few ingredients as possible.

Each year we save an abundance of seed from our best tomatoes. In recent years we have moved to the Tamar Valley it’s comforting to know that our variety of tomatoes has come with us..  Our Tomato Chutney may vary slightly year on year due to growing conditions.  (rain or lack of, sun, wind and frosts). Even though there are these challenges we believe that sun ripened tomatoes taste best.

Chutney is such a versatile product it really is a breakfast lunch and tea sort of product.  Breakfast it’s on bacon and eggs or just eggs. Lunch time sandwiches never tasted better.  The evening barbeque in the summer  with juicy burgers, meat or haloumi. In the cooler months you can use as a marinade on pork or lamb chops add to stews and casseroles.  Tomato Chutney can even go on toast for a great snack any time of the day.


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