Pumpkin Chutney


This product has spices galore, we use it with cold meats and put on platters, it will also add that missing flavour to a curry or stew.

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Our Pumpkin Chutney Story

This Pumpkin Chutney recipe took over 3 years to make it from an idea to the jar for sale.  Because I grow the majority of the main ingredients in Taste of TamO’Shanter’s  products and being just a little bit fussy. I had to grow the right kind of pumpkins. As you know that pumpkins take up a lot of room so trying to grow different varieties and keep track of where they were spreading was a memorable challenge.  Who would have known there are over 150 types of pumpkins, thank goodness I narrowed it down to about 10 before I started. Once I had that sorted then it was mixing the spices to get a flavour that I thought worked best.

Over those years I just couldn’t get it how I wanted to, then I’d run out of Pumpkins and have to wait another year. ( it doesn’t help that pumpkin is one of my favourite vegetables and I’m a sucker for a great Pumpkin Soup oh and roasted pumpkin love love,  so pumpkin stocks went fast).  Then one day I finally got it just how I imagined it would be.

Our Pumpkin Chutney is now an award winning product and is showcased at one of our local wineries on their platters. As well as our local Harvest Market.

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