Beetroot & Apple Chutney


We created this recipe to compliment our addiction to goats cheese,  then we found it works just as well with other salty cheeses like feta.

Serving Suggestions

– Try on your sausages or meatloaf.

– Add to platters and grazing boards for it’s great flavour and added colour

– I like it mixed through my summer salad.



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our beetroot and Apple Chutney Story

Our Beetroot and Apple Chutney is made with the most beautiful spray free beetroots grown from seed in a well loved garden belonging to my Mum.  She spends hours weeding and tending her garden and her ability to grow the most delicious root vegetables makes my job to produce a quality chutney so much easier.

The idea for this product came from a need to find something sweet and earthy to match my obsession with goat’s cheese.   With the vibrant  colour that beetroot brings I wanted to put something with it that wouldn’t take any of that away so apple was an easy choice.  We grow some of our apples for this recipe but having a backup plan is always good so to the North West Coast of Tasmania we go to one of the oldest orchards around and get our juicy apples.  The end product was exactly what I wanted for my goats cheese platter but it has evolved into something more.

This recipe feels very Tasmanian using cold climate produce and just a few herbs and spices to give you a refreshing chutney. When you use such high quality ingredients you really don’t need to add a  lot to them to get it right.   I think of our Beetroot and Apple Chutney as a Summer chutney as it is refreshing, that’s why I love it thrown through a salad maybe if you aren’t a goats cheese fan you could try it with Feta. So no matter what the season you can add a little summer feel to all sorts of meals from meats to vegetables and cheeses.

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