Smokey Tomato Sauce


A mild smokey flavour to add to your meal.

Serving Suggestions

  • Mix with cooked pasta, olives, fresh herbs and spring onions to make a light and fresh pasta salad
  • Serve on top of your favourite lasagne recipe
  • Dollop on roasted potato and/or parsnip
  • Serve with crumbed chicken and salad
  • Sprinkle over BBQ or roast corn with parmesan cheese
  • Add to scrambled eggs with buttered toast
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Our smokey Tomato Sauce

Taste of TamO’Shanter’s Smokey Tomato Sauce starts with the growing of our tomatoes, we grow these all from seed.  Once the ground has warmed ( this is mid to late spring in Tasmania.) I plant out the tomato seedling and wrap them with a bag to give them the best possible chance of surviving.  Once they poke their heads out the tops of the bags the bags are removed.  The next process is tying and staking the tomatoes and taking out branch shoots. Lots of watering and tending.

Once I have fruit growing I will often remove some of the leaves to let the sun get in to ripen the fruit.  End result beautiful juicy tomatoes.  The tomato has important nutrients like vitamin C, potassium and are rich in antioxidants so lets enjoy our tomatoes.

It’s then time to make our Smokey Tomato Sauce with those beautiful sun ripened tomatoes.  I smoke the tomatoes with a fruit wood to give you a subtle but  distinctive flavour.  Smokey Tomato Sauce can’t be rushed so it simmers away for sometimes half a day. There aren’t loads of ingredients in this sauce, I even removed one of the spices from my original experiment as it took away from the fruity flavour .

Some great uses for our sauce are listed above but don’t forget the Aussie summer favourite, sausage in bread.  Take a bottle to your next barbeque and try with your favourite meal. You can even add to marinade for that lovely tomato smokiness. Remember add towards  the end of cooking so it doesn’t burn.

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