Pepperberry Mustard


Using our Native Pepperberry that grows wild in our cold highlands, mixed with Tasmanian grown Mustard Seeds we have a mustard like no other.


– Rub into a piece of Beef to give your roast a chefs inspired crust.
– Serve on your favourite cut of steak for a fantastic mustardy zing.
– You can also put with roasted vegies.

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Our mustard story

Tasmanian Pepperberry  has been used by  our native people as a flavour enhancer as well as it’s use to help with mouth infections.

Mustard is not a new thing, it’s been used for thousands of years all around the world. With ancient Sumerian and Indian text stating its use in 3000B.C. Ancient Egypt has also had a mention as has Chinese and Greek cultures.  The uses were as a medicine as well as a condiment.  It really doesn’t matter where it originated I just love the fact it’s still kept in cupboards and fridges all over the globe. Every continent has made it their own we have English Mustard, French Mustard,  American Mustard and not forgetting Tasmanian Pepperberry Mustard, to name a few.

Our Pepperberry Mustard is made from yellow mustard seeds grown in Northern Tasmania. The mustard seeds are ground for each batch. I also grind our native Pepperberry that is grown in the cold mountain regions of Tasmania. After picking they are sun dried then stored ready  for use.

All of our products are made in small batches and our mustards are no exception. We believe the extra work needed is worth it for the end result.

Pepperberry  Mustard has a very unique flavour,  first you get the mustard then you get the zing from the Pepperberry followed by a subtle floral after tone.  Being a stronger mustard this goes great with red meats. Why not try a  crust for your roast beef, add to cream to make a decadent sauce for that special occasion.  You can  even add to mayo for a zing to dip your chips in.

So now that you have all the information it’s time to grab your Pepperberry Mustard. Head to the kitchen and let your imagination and taste buds run away with you. Knowing that you are part of an ancient culinary culture.


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