Onion Jam




Serving Suggestions

  • Serve along side a rack of lamb and mustard
  • Add to a beautiful cheese platter on date night!
  • Add to homemade burgers or your Aussie BBQ
  • Chop a fresh apple into quarters and spread on top as a snack
  • Stir through chopped fresh tomato and shredded poached chicken


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Our Onion Jam is a beautiful blend of locally grown Onions , herbs and spices, using quality vinegars that are cooked down slowly to give you a bold flavour that will compliment so many of your dishes at home. It really is great on steak, cheese platters, or even in gravy. You might want to try in your mashed potatoes for a whole new experience.

our onion jam story

This is a lovely savoury jam  grown with the finest  Tasmanian onions in the north.  I wanted a product that  was versatile but still made you feel like you were having a real gourmet experience .

After many tears shed (all onion related) and a few burnt pots later our Onion Jam was finally ready  to go to our local Farmers Market where it is one of the most popular products. When I started making  Onion Jam I was cutting all the onions by hand.  Due to the popularity of it I invested in my first electric slicer.  Game Changer for my chopping board and knife.  I entered this in the Hobart fine food awards when I first made it to get feedback and ideas for improving, the answer came GOLD so no changes needed.

We think the secret to it being a multi award winning product is that it is made in such a small batch and over a really long time. ( lots of stirring involved)

From Steak to a good Cheddar  I’m sure you will find this to be a must have addition to your condiment collection.

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300g jar, 150g jar


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