Apricot Jam


One of the classics. Apricots love the cooler climate of Tasmania giving them a rich bold flavour.
– Start your day with Apricot Jam on fresh Sourdough
– A true delight in pastries
– Makes a beautiful glossy glaze for hams and meats

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Our apricot jam story.

Apricots are a real cool climate lover, they are getting harder to find as the climate changes.  With so many environmental challenges with our weather pattens, it’s pot luck to get a good season.  We have a few trees on our little farm that grow really tasty spray free Apricots. When these run out we rely on our friends at Penna Valley Farm who are like minded farmers. ( On a much bigger scale) We are pruning our older tree back quite hard this year in hope for a bumper crop next year.  All our old branches either are burnt for Bio Char or used in the bottom of raised garden beds.

Even though Apricots originated in China their tart and sweet flavour soon spread. From central Asia where they were harvested as far back as 3000 B.C they found their way to the Mediterranean.  It is believed that the Arabs are responsible . It’s so amazing to think for centuries people all over the globe have been enjoying this friut .  I can’t even imagine how many recipes have been made and lost in that time. Today after so many generations   Turkiya  is still one of the biggest produces of dried Apricots in the world.

Apricot Jam is such a wonderful product and is one of my favourite jams.  To have on toast for breakfast or a little treat any time of the day.  Apricot Jam can be used in many recipes sweet and savoury.  A lot of people use it on their Christmas Ham as a glaze. It can be used as a glaze on top of pastries as well.  I recently received a recipe for an amazing apricot slice that my Auntie used to make when I was a little girl.  I cant wait to make it.





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