Auntie Jil’s Pickles


This recipe has been in our family for generations, passed to me by my Auntie. It has 3 Gold medals from the Hobart Fine Food Awards so we must be doing it right.

These pickles go great on hot or cold meats or compliment anything that needs a little mustard flavour.

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve with grilled or baked white fish – even on top of crumbed fish is delicious
  • Add on top of cold Corned Beef – or spread on a corned beef sandwich with cheddar cheese
  • Tossed through a green leafy salad to create a zingy side dish
  • Serve alongside crispy roast pork or pork belly
  • Spoon over poached or fried eggs with a crispy Cos lettuce
  • Mix through cooked quinoa, couscous or pasta with fresh tomato, red onion, dried fig and feta cheese to make a gorgeous meal or side salad


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Zucchini’s can be prolific growers, they like a good water and can grown noticeably overnight.

This Family recipe has been in our family for generations and it can’t be faulted, we thought we might make changes to the recipe but 3 Gold medals later we are not changing anything.

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