Pickled Cucumbers


These Cucumbers have won Gold and Champion Savoury Preserve at the Hobart Fine Food Awards they really are addictive.

Serving Suggestions

  • Eat straight from the jar as a light and delicious snack!
  • Add to Lavosh crackers and creamy feta or goat cheese
  • Serve on a grazing platter or cheese board
  • Add to sandwiches or wraps as a tasty and fresh flavour kick
  • Combine with shredded cold chicken, mayonnaise, dill and lemon as a sandwich filler or meal with roast potatoes
  • Serve with crispy roast pork or lamb
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Cucumbers Pickled.

Our Cucumbers start as small seeds that we plant in trays and keep warm in our green house.  After a few weeks we plant them out to start the season we only plant out in the green house as Tasmanian spring can be very unpredictable once Summer is hear we also plant out in our garden.  Both options give us a great end product to make our pickled Cucumbers.

I  do believe they taste so good because they are picked and pickled on the same day.  So many people say they don’t like cucumbers but are converted once they try these delicious sweet cucumber pickles.

Finding the right balance of flavours always takes time.  When pickling it takes so much more as after they are made they are left for weeks for the flavours to meld together.  There is no rushing these culinary delights.  When I designed this recipe my patients was definitely tested as I just wanted to try them straight away.     I think you will agree when you try these you will taste the patience and the time that created them.

With such a versatile product in hand you will turn your summer barbeques into a gourmet feast when adding them to burgers, platters and grazing boards.  You can also add them to a humble garden salad or turn a plain potato salad into a must have.  If you are still not convinced how about topping a Plate of Prawns of Crayfish with the Cucumbers as well as the delicious juice in the jar.

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