Jalapeno Paste


Who said you can’t grow chilli’s in Tasmania. We grow a variety of chilli’s but our favourite is the Jalapeno for its amazing flavour . We add it to all our Mexican dishes, a little or a lot depends on you. Why not try it on a toasted cheese sandwich, sometimes the simple things are just the best.

Serving Suggestions

  • Add on top of homemade Taco’s, Quesadillas or other Mexican dishes
  • Stir a little through guacamole
  • Serve with cheddar cheese on a gorgeous cheese platter
  • Mix with capsicum, chives and coriander to serve over grilled white fish
  • Add a dollop on top of an omelette
  • Mix with cooked corn kernels, a little cream and coriander to make a delicious creamed corn



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Our Jalapeno Paste

When the idea of creating a Jalapeno Paste first came about I wasn’t sure I could do it justice, Jalapenos are my favourite chilli. I love the subtle heat and thick juicy flesh I really didn’t want to mess with that beautiful flavour.  So over a season I played with a few ideas and at the end our Jalapeno Paste was born.   With the health benefits of chillis becoming  more widely recognised  it’s no wonder this is a popular product on our list.

The Jalapenos are grown on our little farm .  They are grown from our own seed that we  have had for many years. Each year I’m planting more and more.  Tasmania is not known for it’s ability to grow chillis but believe it our not we can.  When growing out in the elements it’s always hard to know what your end produce is going to be.  How many chillis you might get or how hot they might be. Because we grow on site I can check them daily and can allow them to sun ripen. This gives us a beautiful red Jalapeno Paste that always seems to sell out before the next seasons are available.

This product is used daily in our house,  my new obsession  is breakfast eggs with a good dollop of Jalapeno Paste.   We love Mexican food, you can add Jalapeno Paste to any recipe either in the cooking or as a condiment on the side. It’s also great on meat platters or ploughmans  lunch. The beer lover of the family will also want it added to the grazing board. Or enjoy it on steak or chicken. If you are like my family and love Jalapenos this is one for you


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