Jalapeno Paste


Who said you can’t grow chilli’s in Tasmania. We grow a variety of chilli’s but our favourite is the Jalapeno for its amazing flavour . We add it to all our Mexican dishes, a little or a lot depends on you. Why not try it on a toasted cheese sandwich, sometimes the simple things are just the best.

Serving Suggestions

  • Add on top of homemade Taco’s, Quesadillas or other Mexican dishes
  • Stir a little through guacamole
  • Serve with cheddar cheese on a gorgeous cheese platter
  • Mix with capsicum, chives and coriander to serve over grilled white fish
  • Add a dollop on top of an omelette
  • Mix with cooked corn kernels, a little cream and coriander to make a delicious creamed corn



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Take a toasted cheese sandwich to a whole new level.

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40g, 150g


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